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My name is James Prochnik and I started Artcentered Media to help creative people and businesses share and market their services, work, and stories through imaginative web design, photography, and social media outreach.

Artists, designers, and other creative professionals often have compelling stories to tell about what they do.  I want to make sure these stories get told, and  make sure their products and services get sold.  I believe these two missions go hand in hand.

The genesis for Artcentered Media grew from experiences I had as one of the principals of a busy and productive fine art studio in TriBeCa where I put together and managed teams of artists that designed and fabricated unique 2D and 3D artworks and art installations for clients such as Disney Imagineers, Ian Schrager, Canyon Ranch, and David Rockwell. My day to day work ran the gamut from writing proposals, initiating project designs and concept development to project management, art direction, and account management.

The experiences of helping to make unique art  for architects and designers under the crucible of intense time and budgetary constraints was challenging and rewarding, but it bothered me that we were so busy fabricating artworks for clients that we never seemed to have enough time for documenting and sharing our accomplishments with other people who might be interested in purchasing our services.

After I left the company I continued to hear similar stories when I mentioned my experience to friends or contacts in other creative businesses.

I decided to do something about it, and found myself fortunate to make this decision in an exciting time where a mix of affordable technologies, hardware, and software advancements are converging to offer a number of  ways to collect, store, and share information widely, and affordably.

I launched Artcentered Media in  2010, and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned to make sure other artists and creative business people can share their work effectively online.

I offer web design and consulting, social media consulting, photography, writing, and video services at affordable costs.

Read more about my products and services here.

I look forward to telling your story next.

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